We’ve had the exterior of

We’ve had the exterior of our house painted four times and needed yet another painting as we wanted a color change. I contacted Sherwin-Williams for recommendations, and they recommended Wanda. I also knew a friend who had work done by Wanda, and they also recommended her and said she is a very detail oriented painter. Called Wanda, as well as a number of other painters for estimates, and Wanda told me up front that she doesn’t and won’t compete on price, but only on quality. Her estimate was higher than the others, and we hired her on the recommendation of Sherwin-Williams as well as my friend. I am so happy we went with her for the exterior of our house. It is without doubt, the absolute best job we have ever had, and her attention to details and making sure the paint job is perfect in every way is an unfamiliar quality in workmanship in this day and time, and she makes it happen, as well as her wonderful crew. Upon completion of our paint job, I can tell you that I am extremely happy with all the work they’ve done, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in getting Wanda and her crews to do any work around my house. I am still amazed at all the prep work they did before starting to paint and of course the finished job. It looks and feels like a new house. The quality she and her crews do, is appreciated and will be remembered for many years to come. Her work is absolutely top-notch, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting quality and a great and timely job. And yes, her estimate was very reasonable for the work she did, and it actually came in under the estimate.

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