The Best Investment

Easily the best investment we have ever made in our home! I cannot say enough positive things about Wanda and her team. We have lived in our home for 22 years and the house itself is over 25 years old. After having exterior repairs and painting, we couldn’t be more thrilled. The house looks brand new, far better than at any time in the past.

When I say that it was a great investment, it is because many people will tell you that Wanda’s service costs more than others. In fact, she will tell you that herself. It is WORTH it. She sees little upside in applying good paint to bad materials, so she puts her team of carpenters, pressure washers, and painters on the job. Having had minor repairs done in the past, I know that the cost of having it done piecemeal would have been far more expensive than the economy of scale that comes with having a good team on the job.

Let me give you an idea of the level of professionalism and attention to detail. Like you we sought estimates from multiple painting contractors. One of them pulled into my neighbor’s driveway and began looking around. I saw him and waved at him and he drove to our house. He gave me his card, pulled out his phone, walked around the house taking photos, then jumped in his van while telling me that he would email the estimate soon. He spent about two minutes doing this, but we didn’t receive the very vague, generalized estimate for two days. Another painter was more typical, but only referred to the most obvious repairs that should be made prior to applying paint. Wanda arrived promptly and introduced herself. She said that she wanted to take a thorough look at the house and then talk to me about what she observed. Wanda took 30-40 minutes carefully checking the exterior. When she rang the doorbell to talk about the work that we needed, she took nearly an hour detailing her process, explaining why certain types of damage and decay occur (and what to do about it!), showing me the damaged materials she planned to repair (along with what needed to be replaced and what needed to be patched or filled) and giving me an idea about the timeframe. She was confident, friendly, and respectful. Her estimate was clear and detailed, giving us all of the information we needed. Best of all, what she promised was exactly what she delivered.

Having Wanda and her team around the house was like having good friends come over to help with chores. To a person, they were always courteous and respectful. They treated our home as if it were their own. This included small things that made a big difference. They pressure washed the exterior so well that it almost looked like it had been painted. The prep work also included applying several cases of caulk, meaning that the work would hold well and the house would be well protected. The end product had transformed our home.

We have recommended Wanda to all our friends and neighbors. Her service is superior.