Lead-Based Paint Removal

If your home was built before 1978, there is a possibility that it will test positive for lead paint.  Dust particles generated from lead paint are dangerous to your health and known to cause seizures, high blood pressure, and serious developmental delays in children under the age of six. Exposure to lead dust is also dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn fetuses. Any home built prior to 1978 is required by EPA to be tested for lead prior to conducting any construction or paint projects which could result in a hazardous environment.

Lead dust and loosely adhered paint chips, if allowed to mix with nearby soil, can create an essentially invisible toxic situation that will never go away, as lead does not biodegrade. Not only can it affect groundwater, but there is also the risk of tracking lead dust and contaminants into a home, business, or automobile, exposing children, pets, and other occupants to its dangers. For these reasons, hiring an EPA RRP trained and licensed contractor is critical to ensuring the safety of your family.

Wanda Works with paint is a certified EPA RRP contractor. Through proper testing, we will verify if lead paint is present and can answer any questions or concerns homeowners may have. If lead paint is present, all of the necessary precautions according to EPA’s strict protocol and government regulations will be followed including: securing and taping off the perimeter of the entire work area with heavy plastic, tarp placement over grass, shrubs, and plants, proper and safe handling, collection, and disposal of all contaminants daily. Interior rooms must be emptied of all furnishings, and doorways are completely sealed off to prevent lead-contaminated dust from infiltrating into other rooms in the house. Thorough prep and clean-up are critical to ensuring the worksites remain safe, and your family stays protected.

Our team is required to wear disposable coveralls, respirators, gloves, and eyewear so we remain safe from the harmful effects of lead-based dust. We also use high-powered HEPA vacuums to safely contain toxic dust and paint particles.

Once all loose paint issues are addressed, we would then be ready to begin the painting process.


The Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule requires workers-for-hire to be lead-safe certified for certain types of renovation projects.  RRP was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2008 to help ensure that lead-safe work practices are implemented.

Lead Paint Scraping by Wanda Works with Paint
Lead Paint home prepped by Wanda Works With Paint
EPA Certified Lead Paint Removal by Wanda Works With Paint
Wanda Works With Paint is EPD Certified for Lead Paint Abatement